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I Love My Home Recording Studio

It was an unusually warm, dry day in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was living in the city of castles and beer for the summer, working on a dream project for CereProc, the world leader in text to speech technology. In a city where burly Ginger men ride mountain bikes in skirts, I quickly learned to appear nonplussed over the unexpected. But the minute I locked eyes on the towering dark figure before me I knew we belong together. Tall, dark, strangely silent with a hint of a glow from within. I was gobstopped by The Whisperroom 4242S

The first thing I did after landing in Denver was contact the fine folks at Whisperroom to design my new Whisperroom Sound Isolation Booth. Options include ventilation, windows, lighting and acoustic foam color. I am a design-fanatic so this was a dream come true for me.

Somehow I made my 4×4 Iso Booth a haven with killer lighting, some great art, my mic, a wacky modern chair, a small face fan and NONE of the wire and cable madness of my other studios. 

The Whisperroom 4242S has been a game changer in sound and voice. With a few adjustments in acoustic foam placement I was able to get clear, consistent, precise, vocal sound. I’m happy, but better still is the feedback I get from clients. Their projects are always professional with no ambient noise. The adjustments I made have enabled me to retain the warm tone in my voice, create intimate vocals for clients requiring that closeup feel without sounding muffled, and act completely ridiculous in a safe place where no one can see or hear me unless of course, I am recording.  

Great equipment can enhance any recording. I’m serious about voiceover and my clients depend on great sound. I am delighted to be able to offer my talents to the world in Broadcast Quality. 


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