All Talk, No Action

By May 1, 2019 No Comments

Is that any way for a narration voiceover to start a sentence?  Well, yes- I think so.  Lots of folks today rant about the propensity for folks to share, talk and like the popular issues of the day, and yet do nothing about them.  Sure, its true for a lot of people.  But in order for important issues to get noticed, say conservation and the environment for example, we need to get the conversation going.  We need to get as many people as we can talking about conservancy, land guardianship, clean energy and recycling.  And if it takes a large percentage of people doing the minimum, but becoming aware, well thats still a win in my book.

I narrate videos and films that make people take notice, feel compassion, get motivated, feel inspired, feel outraged. Because sharing stories connects us.  An honest script will bring you closer to the things that matter to you and will inspire you to do something about it.  Thats why , when accused of being “All Talk -No Action” I can feel confident that as a narrator of great copy, I am taking action.

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