Get Real About Winter

By December 1, 2018 May 1st, 2019 No Comments

When the first snow comes it lands on cringing shoulders. As if.

As if we never expected it to happen….”oh so soon?” we flutter. Yet we soak up sweet Colorado Indian Summer and comment on how we never expected to have it so warm, well past Halloween. Yea right.

But winter for mountain people is a welcome time. Sure there’s hygge life, and dark starry nights and all that great stuff, but it’s also a time to double down on your life. Think about right living, become mindful about what goes in your pantry, how to ease your body into the cold is a way that makes you rosy and not rheumy. Mountain women prepare for winter with promises to ourselves that will make life better– we keep wood stocked, shovels nearby, boots by the door with a flashlight to shoo that last damn bear who didn’t get the “Time to Hibernate” memo.

It’s time for great big honesty too. What beautiful things grew in your life over the summer, what things need to be tended to , pruned back and nourished over the dark winter months.

The first snow is a marker- time to go inside. Try it, go inside.

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