How to hook your audience and get your message heard

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Great video to hook your customers

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In a noisy, busy world….

How to hook your audience and get your message heard


There are no tricks and shortcuts – but there is new information that can help you get people to look and listen to your corporate videos and presentations.  

Start with the notion that it’s not about you, your product or your business.  Nope, it isn’t. It’s about the benefit you offer to them.

How to keep Corporate Videos and Presentations Interesting 

  1. They have a problem- you can solve it. It could be toe fungus, computer hacking, poor sales- hook them with the belief that when they watch or listen to your message perfect solution to the problem will be right there for them to pluck off the branch.
  2. Show them examples of how having the problem will lead to more problems.  
  3. Tell them how great life will be when the problem ends- world peace, a cleaner ocean, organized files. 
  4. Step by Step Instructions – This is where e learning gurus have it dialed in.  Give practical solutions in bite sized pieces. Tell them the solution, ask for the sale, show them how to play with you and your product. 
  5. Hire a professional VoiceOver- skimping on a voice talent with no training and cheap gear is like not going to cut it anymore. With so much sound in the world today audiences need to hear smooth, professional sound to stay engaged.

Want to see truly Godawful video production and have a huge laugh?  Check out an article written by Lidia Cockerham for Skeleton Productions.  Based on New York and the UK, Skeleton Productions is famous for influencing audiences with video strategy, video production and video marketing.

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