Finding Grace in Multigenerational Travel

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Mom and I  just took a News Years Trip to Puerto Rico with my teenage son.  Some people might consider spending endless hours with a teen and an octogenarian second only to pulling out one’s toenails with pliers. But truthfully, our long drive across the island, the breezy days surfing and sunning on the sand, the evenings eating bacchanalian meals with friends, were graceful and easy together despite the age and interest differences.  I am astonished and grateful, and I think I know why it worked so well. 

Your Guide to a Great Multigenerational Trip

Drop the Expectations

The people next to you may have really terrible taste in beach music (I mean seriously, it was riding the edge of nasty) or the hotel may be super-ordinary, and not at all the exotic one you pictured and expected. You’ve got to let that shit go. Try out the experience or move on completely, but remember that no amount but eye-rolling is going to make the experience any better for anyone. Find something positive to focus on like your neighbor’s beach-towel dance move, and subsequent wardrobe malfunction. Loosen up and roll with it.  Don’t be a jerk. Take a healing breath, do a few mudras and take it all in. 

Bring Magnesium, Probiotics and Healthy Snacks

So, if your “gut health” isn’t moving in the right direction your vacation is going to be total garbage.  Be kind to your loved ones and take time in the loo when you need to. And never, NEVER underestimate a good BM.  Thank that amazing body of yours when you flush it down.
Poop Gratitude- try it out.

Get Some Alone Time

You will certainly go nuts if you don’t step away from your travel partners, no matter how much you love them.  There have got to be studies about this. 

Remember- you will have a meal that you like again someday

So rice and roast pork is oozing out of your pores by day three because, THAT is on every menu, in every incarnation, and on every freaking dish — even dessert.  This is the time to be brave and order something completely out of your wheelhouse. If you hate it, then just push it aside and wait for dessert. Dessert is great in almost every country! Or you can take a picture of your food and put it on Facebook. That seems to make lots of people feel good about their food choices.  

The key to awesome travel with other people is to be a nice human.  Practice kindness and soften into the experience. I believe with my whole heart that there are few things that 20 minutes of yoga and 2 glasses of wine won’t soothe. Happy Travels!

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