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Narration Gone Wild with Snoop Dogg- Why the Right Voiceover Builds Video Success

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We see videos all day- about every topic imaginable.  You cant even open up a news site without seeing some business video selling products and services.  We turn them off, as fast as we can- but only if they can’t connect with us.


You need to get the audience interested in your message by connecting with them.  The rules are simple- match the components and elements of the ideo to the product or service. Here are some simple tips:

  1. Music – Choose music that YOU want to listen to- make it match the message but keep it relatable. difference
  2. Visuals- We are all pretty sophisticated when it comes to media- make sure your video is too.  Animation should be on point with the audience, avoid silly or childish animation.  Corporate videos should have real actors, great sound and fantastic production.
  3. VoiceOver- You work hard to make your business the very best it can be. Make sure the voiceover talent matches your image, your style and your brand. Make sure that your voice talent knows your product well enough to sound like a pro in your field.

When your voiceover isnt a match for the subject, or the business; or if the voiceover has a poor understanding of the images they are speaking about, it shows.  Our audiences are sophisticated now and step away from brands that they feel don’t “speak” to them.  A professional voice talent trained in Narration can make the difference.  Make sure that the voice talent you choose is qualified, Ask yourself these questions before you hire a Voice Over for your next Explainer:


  1. Does the voice over have experience in Corporate Explainers, Technical Scripts, Medical Narration, E Learning or Online Training?
  2.  Has the voiceover been professionally trained and coached in Narration?
  3. Does the Narrator understand my business and the purpose of this video?

There have been countless Corporate Videos that have resulted in zero results because they were narrated poorly. This is an example of narration that doesn’t match the subject and elicits a pretty different response- but man is it funny….

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