Work-From-Homers: Jammies – Yay or Nay?

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Working in Pajamas is Overrated

This will get me expelled from the “Work From Home Club” but I really don’t believe in wearing PJs at work (at home). Yeah, it really does nothing for me. I actually think it hinders productivity, creativity, self-confidence and motivation. 

Many folks fantasize about working from home and think that hanging out in jammies all day is  a plus, a fuzzy flannel badge of honor declaring their independence from corporate suits.
But if you apply the same logic that wearing a suit is a uniform that speaks to norms rather than productivity, then wearing pajamas says nothing about your independence. 

Look, I have been known to enter the recording studio in all kinds of attire but never, and I mean never, do I go to work in my pajamas. Ya know why? I get slack, a little loosey goosey, less careful and more distracted. In short my attitude is just better, more focused and alert when I wear casual (but pressed, clean, not slept- in) clothes to the office and recording studio downstairs. 

Studies show that wearing nice clothes in the office increases abstract thinking, improves your personal response to criticism (we get a lot of that in voiceover) and actually increases attention.  That’s all a huge plus when you are your own CEO, CFO and Service Department like I am at Terra Ltd. 

According to The Productive Blog:

“(Clothing) hold a strange power over their wearers. ……. It reminds people that clothes aren’t just a device of perception, but a tool that can really affect how you perceive yourself,” says Galinsky.

I often get comments from folks who stop by, “Why are you all dressed up” when they see my busy and sometimes chaotic one woman show in the recording studio. Why, they wonder, am I in a trendy outfit with fresh makeup and smooth hair? I feel better, I perform better, I smile more, and my confident posture reflects my alertness and focus. This makes for better voiceover.  

The characteristics of a productivity mindset are clear:  Curiosity, Motivation, Vision, Positive Attitude, Self-Confidence and a few more…so if your pajamas are holding you back from being your best self at work, step into a fresh pair of jeans and your favorite sweater or shirt.

This can change your mindset; check out the 7 Characteristics of A Highly Productive Mindset

Sorry, Jammies, you are holding me back and its time to move on – until later that is….

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